Why Hostels Are Better Than Hotels

Anyone who’s done a bunch of traveling will be the first to tell you: hostels are the way to go. While some may think hostels are beneath them and prefer the privacy of a hotel, we’re here to politely disagree. Of course, traveling should be fun and enjoyable, and hostels might not be for everyone. But Solarium Hostel is here to offer our (mostly) unbiased opinion that hostels are better than hotels. Take a look!

Less Money, More Travel

It’s common cents that hostels save you a ton of money. This is arguably the best reason as to why hostels are a better option than hotels. What sounds better: a suite at a deluxe hotel for $300 a night where you’ll really only be sleeping? Or a bed with all the amenities for $34 a night? For a three-night weekend, you’ll spend nearly $1,000 on a hotel room in this scenario — compared to just over $100 at Solarium Hostel.

There’s so much to do in Colorado. Especially with the Rockies being so close to Fort Collins, you want to spend your money elsewhere. Hiking or backpacking trips, snowshoeing, RMNP entry fee, or every brewery in a 3-mile radius — you can do more and see more when you save money on room and boarding.

Great for Solo Travel…

Oftentimes, solo travelers are not looking to dump all their money in a hotel room (unless you’ve just spent 10 days sharing rooms with a stranger from Tasmania that you met on a group trip in Thailand and are ready for some space). Instead of trying to convince people to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Fort Collins with you and split the cost of a hotel room, you can just go on your own (and likely pay even less)! Solo trips should not be forsaken just because of budget or fear of not knowing people — they’re one of the best experiences a person can have.

But hostels don’t only help save money for solo travelers. They’re also a great way to make friends. Ask people who have stayed in hostels, and they’ll usually have countless examples of people they met while staying in a hostel and the memories they shared. People in hostels are like you: wanting to get out and travel and try new things. It’s super easy to make friends while traveling when you stay in a hostel. And if you want to hang back, you can always do that too. At least you’ll have the option.

…And Group Travel

Solarium Hostel doesn’t just have dorm-style rooms for our guests. We offer private rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 2-5 guests at a super discounted rate. Perfect for traveling with the bestie, your significant other, or a group! Split five ways, you can rent our Green Private Room for about $22 per night.

All the Amenities

Staying with Solarium Hostel and you might envision yourself sleeping on a cot and having to pay for water, based on the rates we offer. We’re pretty happy to tell you you’d be wrong.

From our dorm rooms to our private rooms, you can count on the following things to make your hostel feel like home:

  • Free breakfast (waffles and coffee!)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free luggage storage
  • Laundry service available
  • Free parking
  • Lockbox service available
  • Community kitchen
  • TV in community room
  • Yoga cooperative onsite

Not bad for less than $50 a night!

We should also add that, while this isn’t true for every hostel, Solarium Hostel is 4/20-friendly. You can visit a nearby dispensary and smoke in our firepit tipi — guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip.

Close to the Action

The cheapest hotels are the furthest from the heart of a city. They’re usually off the highway, closer to an airport, or right next to a TGI Fridays or some other chain sit-down, and that’s about it.

Hostels are a different story. If not located directly downtown, they’re near enough to walk or use public transport (another affordable means of traveling). You don’t have to spend the big bucks in order to see the big city.

Solarium Hostel is a mile away from the MAX bus which will take you downtown. We’ve also got access to the Spring Creek Trail, a gorgeous trail that stretches all across Fort Collins and makes getting around easy. Rent some bikes from our hostel and have some fun!

Eco-Friendly Travel

Hotels use up an insane amount of energy. Washing tons of bedsheets and towels, keeping lights and air conditioning on, the amount of water that’s used in each room. By sharing some of the basic amenities at a hostel (though don’t worry — you’ll get clean sheets!) you’ll be cutting back on energy usage. Hostels aren’t just great for your budget, they’re also great for the environment.

Book Your Stay With Solarium Hostel!

Have we convinced you yet that hostels are better than hotels? If so, we’re excited to see you on your next trip to Fort Collins! If you’re not about the affordable private rooms, accessibility to the downtown area, onsite yoga co-op, free waffles and coffee for breakfast, beautiful garden atrium, or any of our other amenities, well, we still think you’ll be missing out — but we hope you have a great trip regardless. Try out hostels at some point in your life — it’s an experience you’ll never forget — and book with Solarium Hostel today.

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